The new "girly" item that will help you Stay Safe while Traveling (and 10% off for my readers!)

Over the past few weeks, I have been testing out a cheeky new product. I am always looking for better ways to stay safe while traveling and ways to discreetly hide important items, such as my passportemergency credit cards and cash. I found a way to do this with the Girly Go Garter. I am absolutely in love with this product, as it is an excellent way to outsmart pickpockets and keep important items close to you at all times. 

The Girly Go Garter is essentially a garter belt with pockets to stash all of your stuff. I love the quality of this product. It is made from strong materials, and has comfortable grips on the inside for keep from sliding off your leg or moving around. I have even taken mine out for a run and a hike without it moving around. Additionally, they say it can easily hold up to 3 pounds worth of your stuff. (Thats a lot of stuff!)

My failed attempts to make this thin money belt both comfortable and discreetly hidden while in Rio

My failed attempts to make this thin money belt both comfortable and discreetly hidden while in Rio

The Girly Go Garter can be used as a replacement for a purse or used in addition to one. I wish I had known about this product when I was in Brazil in July. When I was in Rio, I went out a few nights to Samba in the area of Lapa which is known for being very dangerous, especially at night. In order to prevent a pick-pocket disaster, I hid my essentials (my passport and some emergency cash and credit cards) in a sleek money belt. It was awkward, uncomfortable, itchy and difficult to hide. Lapa was the first and last time I will ever use a money belt!

The Girly Go Garter is also a great product for those of you who tend to lose belongings after a few too many cocktails (you know who you are)!


10% off for Trusted Travel Girl's readers!

Taking the Girly Go Garter out for a run

Taking the Girly Go Garter out for a run

I am excited to announce that Trusted Travel Girl and Girly Go Garter have teamed up to bring you 10% off of your garter order. The cost of each Girly Go Garter is $39, which means you will save nearly $4 for every garter that you order! Just used the Promo Code: TRUSTEDTRAVELGIRL at checkout.

The garters come in many different colors and 3 different sizes. I chose to get one in nude, to easily hide under my clothing and one in black for anytime that it may be showing. I'm also thinking of ordering one in orange or purple to wear when I go back to Clemson for college football games. I chose a small, but I could have easily fit into a medium as well because they are so adjustable.

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