Free AirBnb Coupon Code - Get $40 Off with This Discount Code (Even If It's Not Your First Booking)

Looking to save money with a free coupon code on your next Airbnb stay?

Airbnb makes booking a place to stay quick, easy and usually makes for a good deal. There are a ton of benefits to using Airbnb over a hotel. Often they are nicer then a hotel and you can feel more like a local, rather then a tourist during your stay. They also can be a lot cheaper then a hotel and you can get a lot more "bang for your buck", as they say.

I have a $40 discount that I want to share with you all to help you save a little more on your travels!

How to Use the $40 Discount Code

Step 1:

Follow this Link to get $40 off your first booking with AirBnB.

The code will automatically be applied at checkout! There is no need to enter a code.

Step 2:

All you have to do is sign-up with your email, follow the prompts, and then your first stay must be $75 or more. That means the entire stay has to be $75 or more, it does not mean you must spend $75 a night. 

For Example:

This will work on a 3 night stay where each night is only $25.

Night 1 $25 + Night 2 $25 + Night 3 $25 = A total of $75 (Yes! Discount will work... yay!)

Or, a single night of $75 or more! Easy, right?

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 3.02.30 PM.png

Step 3

Find a place you want to stay, and book it with your credit card!

(Oooh, these places look nice!)

Step 4

*Don't forget to use this link for your $40 discount!*

What If You Already Have Stayed in an AirBnB?

Simple, you can sign up with a new email address. If you use gmail, you can create a new email for free. It's quick and easy! 

Once you have created a new email, AirBnB will recognize you as a new user, and you can use THIS LINK for $40 off your next stay.

Things to Remember:

The discount is automatically applied once you complete your booking. You will not need to enter a code, and a code will not be emailed to you. 

Use THIS LINK to receive your discount:



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