5 Tips For Seeing The Best Of Northern Italy

When people think of northern Italy, their minds usually go straight to Venice. As much as we love this glamorous city of canals, carnivals and gondolas, that isn’t all there is to see in this region. 

Consider Pordenone, for example. This medieval town on the banks of the Noncello river is full of historical monuments, authentic Italian food and wonderful hospitality. Let’s not forget the ample road trip opportunities either! 

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Discover Historical Italy In Pordenone

A simple stroll through Pordenone will show you how history permeates this small city. Start walking along Corso Villono Emanuele – Pordenone’s main thoroughfare. There, you’ll find Palazza Mantica-Cattaneo and Palazza Ricchieri. 

Continue to Piazza San Marco and visit the Duomo di Pordenone, which dates back to the 13th century. 


Take A Road Trip To Venice

If you feel like hitting the road again, Pordenone is an ideal base. Why not rent a car and visit beautiful Venice? Explore the winding canals of one of Italy’s finest cities, but remember there is plenty to see off the beaten track too. 

If you’re craving coastline, drive in the other direction towards Trieste. Nestled in an old port on the edge of the Mediterranean, this town often plays second fiddle to Venice. However, it’s worth a visit just to see its numerous historical piazzas, castles and museums. 

Taste Local Italian Delicacies

What would a trip to Italy be without a taste of its amazing “gastronomia”? When it comes to cuisine, Pordenone has more than enough to keep you satisfied. 

For dinner, look for La Ferrata or Antica Osteria Mingot for authentic Italian dishes. For breakfast, grab a short espresso before heading to Pasticerria Cossetti for a sweet croissant or pastry. If you’d like to sample some of the local vino, a visit to Enoteche Ferronato is a must! 

Enjoy The Parks Of Pordenone

Escape to nature in the city center by taking a walk in one of Pordenone’s many parks. Parco Galvani offers an oasis of calm, far removed from the rushes of tourists that so many Italian towns are used to. 


See How Your Favorite Prosecco Is Made

Move over, champagne snobs – Italian prosecco may just be the go-to sparkling wine from now on! To taste the real thing, a trip to the wineries of Treviso is a must. Just over an hour’s drive from Pordenone, you’ll find gorgeous rolling hills, quaint farmhouses, and some wine to be reckoned with. 

The wineries of Ca’dei Zago and Il Colle offer free tours of their vineyards, as well as tastings. These family-run vineyards will show you the entire process of making an amazing wine – from the grape right up to popping the cork. Take time to visit Treviso, as well as the medieval villages nearby too. 

Practical Info

  • A number of European airlines fly to Treviso Airport, which is located less than 50 minutes from Pordenone. 
  • International flights arrive in Venice Marco Polo Airport, which is located less than an hour from Pordenone.