A Travel Photography Backpack For Every Adventure and Every Camera

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This post and video were created in partnership with Travler. As always, opinions expressed are entirely my own.

As a travel journalist, my work takes me on crazy adventures. I need gear that can keep up with me and the conditions of the destinations I visit. Finding the perfect photography backpack to carry all of my photography gear has proved to be challenging. Some camera packs are too large and cumbersome, and some aren’t big enough for all of your gear. Finally, I have finally found the right bag for all of my camera gear. Travler has just invented the one of the best photography backpacks I have been able to find.

Check out the Travler Pack in action!

One of my favorite things about the Travler Pack, is the price, $160. $160 is an insane deal for everything you are getting with the Travler Pack. Comparable bags range around $250-400. I have personally tested the Travler Pack throughout California, Nepal, Thailand and Korea and I can say with certainty that it’s great quality.

Thoughtful Features

The backpack looks great, but practicality is key for a photographer. The Travler Pack has thoughtful and customizable features to make the bag functional and versatile. 

Padded Laptop Sleeve

The pack contains a padded laptop pocket in the area that would go against your back. It is easy to access, making airport security a breeze. There is an additional layer of padding in bottom of laptop sleeve to ensure it will be protected during travel.

gotravler pack


At only 3.4 pounds/ounces, the Travler Pack is very lightweight, on a recent trip I compared bags with another photographer and she wished hers was as lightweight as mine.

Rain Poncho

The pack features a rain poncho to protect all of your gear from the elements. In addition the fabric and zippers are water resistant (perfect if the surface you have to rest your bag on isn’t completely dry. It’s always best to use the poncho in any damp environments to be safe. I also like the poncho for deterring theft, as it wraps over the entire bag. 

Customizable Interior

This backpack is completely customizable inside to ensure that each camera and camera lens has a secure and supportive spot in the bag. It’s also helpful for staying organized. The rearrangeable pockets are soft and come with a high-grade thin-toothed velcro. The velcro can attach the dividers to any part of the bags interior, making the bag 100% customizable. The top layer of the bag even collapses incase you don’t need any divided sections at all. 

Added Organization

The top section of the bag features a key ring holder and two organizational pockets, perfect for a phone and water bottle. 

Headphone Port

Travel free and easy, the headphone port will allow you to listen to your music handsfree.

Room For More

This bag has the ability to be overstuffed and still keep your gear secure. As someone who travels light, I often leave little or no room for souvenirs. The ability to overstuff my bag is immensely helpful. 

Super Secret Pocket

The back of the Travler Pack has an RFID secret passport pocket that when worn is against your back makes it nearly impossible for pickpockets to get to. The added zipper garage makes the zipper difficult to access for thieves and is blocked by strap means no one can get into the most important part of the pack. This is the best place to stash cash and passports.

Reasonably Priced

With the prices of comparative packs around $250, the $160 price point makes this bag even more appealing.

How I Pack My Camera Bag

I have organized the bottom side pockets to carry my Sony A7sii and 55mm prime lens on one side. The other side has sections for my 16-35mm wide angle lens and a lens cleaning kit. The RFID pocket holds cash and passport. The top of the bag is perfect for storing a small purse, gorilla pod, sweater (airplanes are cold!), and it could even fit my small drone. I keep my phone and a granola bar in the water bottle pocket, as I prefer to keep all water far away from my gear. 

Deciding on the perfect backpack and luggage comes down to personal preference. At the end of the day, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to organizing your gear. However, the guys at Travler have done a great job of including details that will work for just about everyone, and thought of nearly everything a traveler and photographer would need in a single bag. The versatility and flexibility this bag offers, combine with the quality and lightweight materials make it just the right for me.


  • 25L bag, expandable to 30L
  • 45 cm x 33 cm x 20 cm (18 in x 13 in x 8 in)
  • 1.5 kg (3.4 lbs)
  • Black webbing, buckles, zippers, and mesh foam Vintage brown top grain leather accents
  • Oxford Cloth (600D Melange Polyester - PVC backed)
  • Weather resistant exterior zippers
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