5 Tips For Seeing The Best Of Northern Italy

When people think of northern Italy, their minds usually go straight to Venice. As much as we love this glamorous city of canals, carnivals and gondolas, that isn’t all there is to see in this region. 

Consider Pordenone, for example. This medieval town on the banks of the Noncello river is full of historical monuments, authentic Italian food and wonderful hospitality. Let’s not forget the ample road trip opportunities either! 

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Discover Historical Italy In Pordenone

A simple stroll through Pordenone will show you how history permeates this small city. Start walking along Corso Villono Emanuele – Pordenone’s main thoroughfare. There, you’ll find Palazza Mantica-Cattaneo and Palazza Ricchieri. 

Continue to Piazza San Marco and visit the Duomo di Pordenone, which dates back to the 13th century. 


Take A Road Trip To Venice

If you feel like hitting the road again, Pordenone is an ideal base. Why not rent a car and visit beautiful Venice? Explore the winding canals of one of Italy’s finest cities, but remember there is plenty to see off the beaten track too. 

If you’re craving coastline, drive in the other direction towards Trieste. Nestled in an old port on the edge of the Mediterranean, this town often plays second fiddle to Venice. However, it’s worth a visit just to see its numerous historical piazzas, castles and museums. 

Taste Local Italian Delicacies

What would a trip to Italy be without a taste of its amazing “gastronomia”? When it comes to cuisine, Pordenone has more than enough to keep you satisfied. 

For dinner, look for La Ferrata or Antica Osteria Mingot for authentic Italian dishes. For breakfast, grab a short espresso before heading to Pasticerria Cossetti for a sweet croissant or pastry. If you’d like to sample some of the local vino, a visit to Enoteche Ferronato is a must! 

Enjoy The Parks Of Pordenone

Escape to nature in the city center by taking a walk in one of Pordenone’s many parks. Parco Galvani offers an oasis of calm, far removed from the rushes of tourists that so many Italian towns are used to. 


See How Your Favorite Prosecco Is Made

Move over, champagne snobs – Italian prosecco may just be the go-to sparkling wine from now on! To taste the real thing, a trip to the wineries of Treviso is a must. Just over an hour’s drive from Pordenone, you’ll find gorgeous rolling hills, quaint farmhouses, and some wine to be reckoned with. 

The wineries of Ca’dei Zago and Il Colle offer free tours of their vineyards, as well as tastings. These family-run vineyards will show you the entire process of making an amazing wine – from the grape right up to popping the cork. Take time to visit Treviso, as well as the medieval villages nearby too. 

Practical Info

  • A number of European airlines fly to Treviso Airport, which is located less than 50 minutes from Pordenone. 
  • International flights arrive in Venice Marco Polo Airport, which is located less than an hour from Pordenone. 

5 Fantastic Activities In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

Orlando has been a firm favorite among tourists for decades, with millions making their way to the Florida city every year.

In 2016, a record 68 million people visited Orlando – making it TripAdvisor’s sixth most popular destination in the United States.

However, last year's stats also noticed a decline in ticket sales for the town's famous theme parks. 

So, where are creative travelers going now? Many choose to use Orlando as a base, and hire a car to explore nearby hotspots. Others seek out other forms of stimulation inside the city itself.

Either way, you’ll need your own transportation! Rent a car from Miles Car Rental – their website makes car hire easy.


Ready for the beach? Drive to the scenic seaside getaway of St. Petersburg. Less than two hours away from Downtown Orlando, “St. Pete’s” is home to a number of beautiful beaches, gardens and museums. It’s also an ideal location for amateur surfers to learn the basics of boarding.

Meanwhile, culture fans can get their kicks at the nearby Dali Museum or the Morean Arts Center.


Once mistaken for mermaids, endangered West Indian manatees now flock to Florida’s waters. Drive the 90-minute journey from Orlando to Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge for a chance to swim alongside these majestic creatures.

November to March is the best time to spot manatees in the wild, as water temperatures cool down. Just make sure to read the refuge’s guide to treating wild manatees with respect.


Spanish settlers founded the city of St. Augustine in the 16th century, making it the oldest European settlement in the US. The remnants of this long history are clear in this little town, with its wonderful museums and stunning architecture.

Around one hour and 40 minutes from Orlando, it’s worlds apart from the theme parks and tourist attractions normally associated with Florida.

Avoid the touristy maps and guides, and simply enjoy the fine dining, intimate pubs and cobbled streets dotted around St. Augustine.



Kayaking becomes a little more magical when you drive to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. As you paddle your way through the Indian River Lagoon, tiny microorganisms called dinoflagellates emit a green-blue light in a similar way to fireflies.

The result is a mind-blowing natural light show and plenty of amazing photo opportunities!


Nestled in the hustle and bustle of Downtown Orlando, this oasis of calm is an ideal escape from the stresses of being a tourist. Lake Eola is actually a sinkhole, and is best known for its fountain.

The park also plays host to events like Come Out With Pride in October, as well as farmer’s markets, Kung Fu classes and yoga sessions.


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  • If you want to cool down with an ice-cold beer, check out Crooked Can Brewing Co. or Ten 10 Brewing Company in Orlando for deliciously artisan options.
  • Feeling adventurous? Flying to Havana, Cuba from Orlando takes just one hour and 40 minutes. Here are all the tips you need to make it a trip to remember.

4 Compelling Reasons to Take an All-Inclusive Trip in 2017


There are many different types of travel and vacations to tempt people who love exploring different countries. Some people love specialty trips, where there is a particular focus to a getaway, such as camping, diving vacations, cycling, cuisine, nature, or art. Others enjoy long-term and extended independent travel, and some prefer to relax on an all-inclusive trip. Even if your usual traveling style is different, discover the many reasons to try an all-inclusive vacation this year.

1. Planning Your Budget Can Be Easier

Your actual spending and your planned budget can be very different while traveling independently, and even experienced travelers and those who have undertaken extensive research can sometimes find themselves short of cash in a new destination. While package holidays can ease financial worries to a certain extent, an all-inclusive trip can be one of the best ways to manage your vacation budget.

Most of the major holiday costs are paid before you go, meaning that the essentials are already taken care of. A shortage of funds while away won’t spell disaster for the rest of your vacation. Your return flights, accommodation, food and drink and usually a selection of activities are already taken care of before you even leave your home. Of course, you’ll likely still want at least a small amount of spending money, for souvenirs, extra activities, excursions and similar, but the variables are fewer and much easier to control. 

Families especially can find all-inclusive trips perfect. If a kid wants an ice cream, no problem—they can simply go to the counter and get one. Adults want a few more drinks in the bar? Easy. A family member would love to spend their days mingling and doing a range of activities? No worries.    

2. Everyone Can Be Satisfied at Mealtimes

Most all-inclusive resorts include a diverse selection of dishes at mealtimes. A wide choice makes it more likely that everyone can find something they like and enjoy. All-inclusive hotels commonly have a buffet restaurant along with one or more other eateries, for example a café, a pizzeria, or a fancy a la carte restaurant. These may be restricted to a certain number of visits per trip, might need to be pre-booked, or you may be able to visit them as often as you like. The main buffet, though, generally has plenty of options to keep hunger at bay. Whether traveling with family, friends, or your significant other, taking an all-inclusive trip can be the ideal way to prevent disagreements over where to eat for each meal.   

3. Have Fun, Relax and Try New Things

All-inclusive accommodations usually feature a variety of onsite activities and facilities, allowing every guest to create the perfect holiday for them. If you want to be sociable every day and join in with activities, you can. If you want to relax by the pool or on the beach, you can. If you want to mix and match what you do each day, of course, you can. You can tailor your vacation to your own preferences a lot easier when you vacation on an all-inclusive basis. 

It’s common for hotels to have at least one swimming pool, with many establishments having several. Onsite facilities may include children’s clubs, discos, bars, games rooms, mini cinemas, petting zoos and more. Activities can include sports, like football, volleyball, mini golf, archery and water polo, and it’s fairly standard for there to be an entertainment team that facilitate activities like quizzes, competitions, social gatherings, dance lessons and karaoke, to name just a few.  

Evening entertainment is the norm, with a varied schedule throughout the week. Of course, there’s no obligation to attend any of the events, and you are always free to leave the resort and do your own thing, day or night.

Larger resorts may have agreements with other establishments, or work in partnership with sister organizations, meaning that guests can enjoy the amenities, activities, and eateries of other places close to their own accommodation.

4. Many Destinations to Choose From

Taking an all-inclusive trip can open you up to destinations that you may not previously have considered visiting. The all-inclusive nature of a vacation can make places more accessible and appealing. Many all-inclusive hotels and resorts can be found in places with plenty of sun and warm temperatures. That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t find such accommodations elsewhere. Many people perhaps associate all-inclusive vacations with beach areas, but there are plenty of options in other areas too. 

Although all-inclusive vacations are often for a week, ten days or two weeks, you’ll find weekend trips and stays of other durations as well. 

All-inclusive properties exist all over the globe. Spend time exploring exotic Marrakech in Morocco. Be enchanted by the colors and energy of Cuba. Enjoy a chilled out romantic getaway in the Maldives. Combine history, culture and beach life in Greece. Fall in love with Montenegro, Spain, Croatia or Mexico. Discover a world of smiles in Thailand. Travel around the world conveniently and hassle free.

Take a look at the diverse all-inclusive deals available and start planning your next well-deserved vacation.

3 Ways to Have a Successful Road Trip 


Road trips can be an ideal way to explore new places, get off the beaten track and have heaps of fun with your friends. You don’t need to travel in a group, however, to have an enjoyable and successful road trip; intrepid solo adventurers can also have a great time on a road trip.

Planning and organization is often key when it comes to a successful road trip. Here are some handy pointers to keep in mind.

1. Make Sure You Have Enough Space to Transport Everything You Want

Depending on the type of road trip you take, you may need significantly more luggage than you would on a regular vacation. If you’ll be camping as you travel from place to place you’ll need to take a tent and all your sleeping and cooking supplies. 

If you’re a fishing enthusiast you’ll likely plan your trip around fishing hotspots and will want to take your fishing equipment along for the ride. You might want to take a kayak, a bicycle or other recreational equipment. 

Of course, you will also need to pack a range of clothes that are suitable for different temperatures, destinations and activities. 

When traveling independently with your own, or a rented, vehicle, it can be tempting to think that you have limitless space. Don’t, though, try and cram in everything but the kitchen sink! If you cannot fit everything you want inside your vehicle, don’t worry. There are solutions. 

A Vault Cargo Cargo Hitch Carrier can be a fantastic way to effortlessly create more space for transporting your luggage. Their Roof Rack Crossbars can be perfect for fixing items to the top of your vehicle. Additionally, their range of straps ensures everything is securely fastened down, preventing you from losing anything during your journey.

2. Plan Your Route and Stopover Destinations

While part of the excitement of a road trip is the flexibility of being able to go wherever your mood takes you, having a rough plan can help you to maximize your time. It’s all very well and good driving long distances, but you also want to see and do cool things on the way, right?

Knowing where you will spend the night is also reassuring, especially if it’s your first road trip and you don’t fancy the idea of winging it. Advance planning can also help to save money when it comes to accommodation bookings; pre-booked rooms can be cheaper than walk-in rates.

Don’t rely too much on GPS systems and cellphones. If your battery dies or you’re out of signal range you’ll be glad that you packed a road atlas!

3. Decide on Main Expectations in Advance

Traveling with your buddies can be an awesome experience. It can also create lots of tensions. As with any group trip, there should be an agreement beforehand on places each person wants to visit and what they expect from the trip. Compromises are vital.

It also helps to know each person’s strong points. For example, one person may be happy to do most of the driving, while another would love to relax in the back seat. One friend might be an excellent navigator, while another may be a terrific campfire cook. Rather than people trying to get stressed out if chores are equally split, try and divide tasks to match with people’s skills, interests and preferences. This can really make all the difference between a successful road trip and a getaway that is fraught with tensions. 

Wherever you journey to, and whoever you travel with, have a fabulous time on the open road!

The Ultimate List of Things to Do in Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs sprang to fame in the 1960s when it was a popular vacation spot for the glitzy celebrity crowd from LA. Today, it attracts a range of holidaymakers who are seeking diverse experiences. With numerous excellent things to do in Palm Springs, here’s how you can spend your days and nights to make the most of your time in the desert city.

1. Have a Flutter in the Casinos

Palm Springs is known for its lively casinos that offer a wide selection of table and arcade games. Try your chances on the roulette well, practice your poker face, or go retro on the one-armed bandits. Most offer food and drink, and some host cool shows and have pumping nightclubs. Agua Caliente, Fantasy Springs, Spotlight 29, and Casino Morongo are a few to check out.

2. Catch the Cable Car up Mount San Jacinto

Admire the sweeping views and relax as you take the cable car up San Jacinto Mountain. Although it doesn’t go all the way to the top you can still enjoy pretty awesome views as well as being able to visit the interpretive centre when you alight from the cable car. It is also, however, possible to hike the rest of the way to the top if you’re feeling energetic.

3.  Play a Few Games of Golf

Many visitors head to Palm Springs’ golf courses to relax and enjoy a bit of friendly competition. Most courses are open to non-members and all offer pleasant scenery. Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort, Escena Golf Club, Cathedral Canyon and Seven Lakes Country Club are among the varied golfing options.

4. Go Hiking in the Coachella Valley

Not just a destination for the annual Coachella Festival, the Coachella Valley is a great place for hiking enthusiasts at all times of the year. See the local flora and fauna, soak up the views and feel in awe of the vast and arid desert.

5. Visit the Indian Canyons

The nearby Indian Canyons are also top spots for people who love to get active in the great outdoors and explore natural attractions. Of spiritual importance to Native Americans, the beautiful canyons include the Murray Canyon, Palm Canyon, Tahquitz Canyon and the Andreas Canyon.

6. Experience Desert Life at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

One of the most popular things to do in Palm Springs, the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens lets you easily see the diverse creatures and plants that live in the world’s deserts. Follow the walking trails and see an array of animals from North America and Africa in the zoo.

7. Chill Out at Moorten Botanical Garden 

Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium is another great place in Palm Springs for fans of botany. The peaceful atmosphere makes it ideal for taking a stroll, admiring the plant life and taking a break.

8. Spend a Few Hours at the City’s Museums

Palm Springs is home to several good museums. Art lovers should check out Palm Springs Art Museum with its modern pieces and collections about the desert. Palm Springs Air Museum houses a number of historic planes and tells the story of fighter pilots during the World War. If you’re into anthropology and love learning more about the peoples of the world and their heritage, check out Agua Caliente Cultural Museum. You can also book a tour of the Sunnylands Estate, a historic mansion set in lush gardens.

9. Drive Past the Unusual Cabazon Dinosaurs

Towering over the road, the gigantic Cabazon Dinosaurs are rather a surreal sight when traveling around Palm Springs.  

10. Cool Off at Wet ‘n’ Wild

If you love water parts you’re sure to enjoy a day at Wet ‘n’ Wild. There are various pools, including a wave pool, and an assortment of slides and chutes. Want to chill and take it easy? Drift along the lazy river or relax in a private cabana. Craving a bit more excitement? Have a go at surfing at the FlowRider attraction.

11. Stroll Along the Palm Springs Walk of Stars and see Statues of Stars

The Palm Springs Walk of Stars remembers famous faces that had a strong connection with the area. You’ll see stars dedicated to actors and actresses, musicians and singers, sports people, ex politicians, military veterans, early pioneers and writers, artists and poets. Look out for statues of famous people as you walk around downtown. Sonny Bono, Frank Bogart, Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball are a few people who have been immortalized around Palm Springs.  

12. Eat Your Way Around the World

Palm Springs has a fabulous selection of restaurants with cuisine from diverse parts of the world. Of course, you’ll find plenty of places that sell good old American fare too. Whether you’re hankering after Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese, Italian, French or more, you’re sure to find something to tempt you.

13. Enjoy a Nostalgic Dining Experience

As well as global dining, Palm Springs also has several eateries that transport you back in time. Dine in a once-favorite haunt of the Rat Pack at Melvyn’s, lap up the ambiance of a historic estate at Copley’s and experience Mob history at the Purple Palm.

14. Try a Range of Active Adventures

From hot air ballooning over the dessert, cycling through the landscapes, racing around on a quad bike, or discovering the scenery by horseback, there are many ways to discover Palm Springs.

15. Take Day Trips to Nearby Places of Interest

There are several interesting destinations within easy reach of Palm Springs, allowing you to add even more to your vacation. Visit the gaping San Andreas Fault and explore the splendid Joshua Tree National Park.      

16. Enjoy the Local Nightlife

Palm Springs offers lots of choices when the sun has gone down. There are lively nightclubs where you can dance the night away. Perhaps you’d like a chilled out bar where you can appreciate the lilting sounds of jazz as you sip your drink. Maybe watching a live band would appeal more. Sophisticated piano bars, fun karaoke joints, and entertaining cabaret shows all add to the diverse night scene. 

17. Sleep Well in a Top-Notch Accommodation

There are many excellent Palm Springs vacation rentals to ensure that you have a great night’s sleep each and every night of your vacation in Palm Springs. Catering to a variety of budgets and expectations, why settle for second best when the perfect Palm Springs’ accommodation is right there just waiting for you?

With so many cool things to do in Palm Springs, pack your bags and booking your trip!