3 Ways to Have a Successful Road Trip 


Road trips can be an ideal way to explore new places, get off the beaten track and have heaps of fun with your friends. You don’t need to travel in a group, however, to have an enjoyable and successful road trip; intrepid solo adventurers can also have a great time on a road trip.

Planning and organization is often key when it comes to a successful road trip. Here are some handy pointers to keep in mind.

1. Make Sure You Have Enough Space to Transport Everything You Want

Depending on the type of road trip you take, you may need significantly more luggage than you would on a regular vacation. If you’ll be camping as you travel from place to place you’ll need to take a tent and all your sleeping and cooking supplies. 

If you’re a fishing enthusiast you’ll likely plan your trip around fishing hotspots and will want to take your fishing equipment along for the ride. You might want to take a kayak, a bicycle or other recreational equipment. 

Of course, you will also need to pack a range of clothes that are suitable for different temperatures, destinations and activities. 

When traveling independently with your own, or a rented, vehicle, it can be tempting to think that you have limitless space. Don’t, though, try and cram in everything but the kitchen sink! If you cannot fit everything you want inside your vehicle, don’t worry. There are solutions. 

A Vault Cargo Cargo Hitch Carrier can be a fantastic way to effortlessly create more space for transporting your luggage. Their Roof Rack Crossbars can be perfect for fixing items to the top of your vehicle. Additionally, their range of straps ensures everything is securely fastened down, preventing you from losing anything during your journey.

2. Plan Your Route and Stopover Destinations

While part of the excitement of a road trip is the flexibility of being able to go wherever your mood takes you, having a rough plan can help you to maximize your time. It’s all very well and good driving long distances, but you also want to see and do cool things on the way, right?

Knowing where you will spend the night is also reassuring, especially if it’s your first road trip and you don’t fancy the idea of winging it. Advance planning can also help to save money when it comes to accommodation bookings; pre-booked rooms can be cheaper than walk-in rates.

Don’t rely too much on GPS systems and cellphones. If your battery dies or you’re out of signal range you’ll be glad that you packed a road atlas!

3. Decide on Main Expectations in Advance

Traveling with your buddies can be an awesome experience. It can also create lots of tensions. As with any group trip, there should be an agreement beforehand on places each person wants to visit and what they expect from the trip. Compromises are vital.

It also helps to know each person’s strong points. For example, one person may be happy to do most of the driving, while another would love to relax in the back seat. One friend might be an excellent navigator, while another may be a terrific campfire cook. Rather than people trying to get stressed out if chores are equally split, try and divide tasks to match with people’s skills, interests and preferences. This can really make all the difference between a successful road trip and a getaway that is fraught with tensions. 

Wherever you journey to, and whoever you travel with, have a fabulous time on the open road!