3 Essential Travel Items to Pack in Your Carry-On

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Mastering the art of traveling can take years, and mastering the art of packing can take longer. Packing enough without over packing is an art. Over the years I have packed too much, not enough, and eventually I found a system that works perfectly.

No matter where I am traveling to, there are 3 items that I will never leave home without!

Meal Replacement Bars

I cannot say enough about the importance of traveling with snacks, specifically bars! I always travel with a ziplock bag filled with snack bars for long travel days. My favorite new bar that I discovered at my local Whole Foods earlier this year is the RXBAR.

Travel is unpredictable and things don’t always go according to plan. Recently, I took a roadtrip from Estonia to Latvia, and due to traffic, I arrived much later than anticipated. I searched high and low for a restaurant that was still open when I got in, but no one was serving food (just drinks) and I was starving. McDonald’s was open, but I knew the junk food would just make me feel lousy the next day and leave me unsatisfied. Since I carry RXBARS in my carry-on bag, I was able to have one of those to hold me over until breakfast the next day.

rxbar travel carry-on what to pack

Carrying snack bars is also useful when I’m starting to get hangry or low energy when exploring a city or on a tour and I can’t step away for a meal. Long flights often have no meals, or less than ideal meals and carrying my own snack bars ensures you always have something healthy and won’t go hungry.

I have tried dozens of meal replacement bars over the years for traveling and RXBAR has quickly become my favorite. The texture of the bar is perfect for traveling. Often, my snack bars are squished between my laptops, cameras and whatever else ends up in my carry-on bag. RXBAR’s don’t crumble, fall apart, or turn into a melted mess. They stay in one piece (even when squished into a bag), and are absolutely delicious.

RXBAR has simple and healthy ingredients, such as egg whites and dates, so you know exactly what is going into your body. As someone who has suffered with health issues in the past, what goes into my body is extremely important. Food is fuel, and healthy meals are the best way to fuel long adventurous travel days and help ward off jet lag.

Portable Charger

Portable chargers are a life-saver! Some planes don’t have a place to charge your phone, and batteries can drain quickly when listening to music and keeping yourself occupied on long haul flights. When you are on the go taking a lot of photos or uploading to social media, phone batteries can also drain quickly.

I always carry a portable charger in my day bag or camera bag. It’s also great for charging my GoPro and global hotspot while on the go. Another reason a portable charger is an essential item is emergencies. Having a smartphone is great for using maps or getting in touch with someone if you have an emergency, but if your battery is dead, it's not going to be any use. As a female solo traveler, I need to I always make sure that my portable charger is fully charged in case I should ever need my phone for emergencies. 

Compact Water Bottle

Everyone knows that water is necessary to survival, but staying well hydrated is also essential for any traveler. Drinking plenty of water can help you power through long days of sight-seeing and it can reduce jet lag. Drinking plenty of water is also important when flying. Did you know during a 10 hour flight, you can lose up to two liters of water due to the dry air onboard?

Standard water bottles can be a pain to carry around, and buying water can add up. Reusable, flat water bottles are the perfect way to save money while traveling, and save yourself the hassle of carrying around an awkward water bottle.  Compact bottles can slip right into a purse or small day bag!

When traveling in Europe and the US you can fill up just about anywhere. If you are traveling to a place with low quality water, I recommend buying one large bottle and keeping it at your hotel or Airbnb for refills.

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