The Best Camera Bag For Women

Traveling in Paris with my favorite travel & camera bag for women.

Camera Bag For Women

There are many camera bags to choose from, and a few camera bags for women on the market today. However there is only one camera bag designed for women that I have used for the last 4 years consistently.

The Claremont by Lo & Sons is by far the best camera bag for women and for female travelers. If you own a DSLR, this camera bag is the best accessory you can buy for your camera.

Why This Is the Best Camera Bag for Women

I love when function meets fashion, and that is exactly what Lo & Son’s has done with the Claremont bag. Specially designed for the needs of a traveling woman, this camera bag has become an essential for me when traveling, and while at home.

First, the quality of the Claremont camera bag, is exceptional. The high quality leather creates a quality bag that I can count on to last. I feel good about investing in a camera bag that will not only stand the test of time, but will also hold up well on my travels.

As a traveler, the functionality of every item in my suitcase is so important to me, which is why the Claremont truly is the best camera bag for women. The thick strap disperses the weight of the bag, and ensures the weight of my camera never allows the strap dig into my shoulder while carrying the bag. The back pocket of the Claremont camera bag is designed to hold important items, such as a passport or wallet.

My favorite unique part of the bag is the SD card slots for easy access when you need more space. Additionally, the inside of the purse is lined with a soft quilting to cushion and protect your camera while on the go!

The Claremont by Lo&Sons is my favorite camera bag for women.

How The Claremont Camera Bag for Women Keeps Me Safe

It Looks Like a “Normal” Purse

A camera bag that looks like a camera bag can attract unwanted attention. As a solo female traveler, it is important that I do everything I can to keep myself safe and stay on-guard. The Claremont cross-body camera bag is perfect for women, because it helps to keep you safe by disguising itself as a “normal” cross-body bag.

The benefit of having a camera bag that looks like a regular women’s purse is that no one will specifically target you based on having a high priced item in your bag. Thieves are looking for a fast, easy way to have a high return on each “job” they pull off. Because each time, they are at risk for getting caught, the thief wants to choose a victim who undoubtably has a high priced item in their bag. Everyone knows that a fancy DSLR camera is pricey, and therefore, obvious camera bags can be a huge target.

The best camera bags for women

Cross Body Bag Is Added Protection

The cross-body bag also helps protect you from theft. If a thief is trying to rip the bag off of your body, it will be much more challenging for them to take. The way you are able to wear the bag across your entire body allows you to keep a firm grip on it when in dodgy places, and remain in control of the purse.

In many cities, such as Barcelona, thieves will try to cut the bag strap off their unsuspecting victims as a way to steal the bag. Thanks to the thick strap on the Claremont bag, this would be a difficult task for even a skilled bag thief.

The safety features of the Claremont are some of the reasons I find this to be the best camera bag for women, and one of the best travel purses overall!

Camera Bags for Women

The Quality of Camera Bag

The quality of a product is always one of the most important aspects when making a purchase. Quality is even more important when it comes to making recommendations to you! Trust me when I tell you the Claremont is the best camera bag when it comes to quality.

Lo & Sons has designed the Claremont with high quality leather and this camera bag is able to withstand the elements. I have shoved the Claremont into suitcases and backpacks, trekked the jungles of Borneo, Indonesia with it, and it have still been able to take it to nice dinners, and dress it up, because it has kept its structure and still looks good. The leather is thick, which helps with the structure and durability even after years of use.

Claremont Camera Bag Color Options

The Claremont Crossbody Camera Bag for women, comes in six rich colors, and I’ve found it difficult to choose just one! The available color options are as follows:

Sienna– a rich light brown, Light Grey, Black, Deep Navy, Sage Green, and Santa Fe Red– a deep burnt brownish red color.

I suggest starting with the camera bag that goes with most of your outfits, and then you will probably want to collect more from there!

The Claremont Camera Bag for Women is pictured here on my last trip to Paris.

The Claremont Camera Bag for Women is pictured here on my last trip to Paris.


At $298, the Claremont may not be the most inexpensive option, but it truly is a camera bag worth investing in. When it comes to a stylish and functional camera bag for women, trust me, the Claremont is the best I have found. The high quality leather will not only look good, it will hold up well. Thanks to the Claremont’s diverse functionality, this camera bag will last you for years as more than just a purse for your camera. It is definitely worth the price!

Additionally, Lo & Son’s has a sale on this Claremont camera from time to time. If you are looking to snag this bag at a deal, keep your eye on their site or sign up for their newsletters!

How I pack the Claremont Camera Bag for Gear

I use a Sony A7Riii, which is a mirrorless full frame camera body, a touch smaller than a standard DSLR. My favorite lens for travel is my 24-105 lens. I also have a wide angle 16-35mm that I often bring on my travels. I pack my camera bag with the bigger lens (24-105mm) attached to the body in the bottom of the camera bag. Then, I use the movable divider (provided with bag) and lay it over the lens, and place my smaller lens (16-35mm) over the soft divider.

I always keep my passport, or any other valuables in the back pocket against my body. The zipper is snug and rests against my body, so it ensures that I’m not allowing easy access to pick pockets. This pocket is another reason I find this to be the best camera bag for women, the zipped pocket against my body is a crucial part of why I feel safe with this bag.

I always keep an extra SD card in the special SD card pockets located when you lift the flap of the bag.

How I Pack My Camera Bag As My In-Flight Carry-on

When I’m traveling on a long trip, I’ve found that the Claremont is the perfect size for an in-flight carry-on bag as well. Whether my camera is stored away in the overhead bin in my large camera backpack, or I am taking a quick trip where I don’t actually need my DSLR, the Claremont is a perfect size for all in-flight essentials–– especially for a long-haul flight. When traveling long distances, I pack my Claremont with the following:

  • Eye mask for sleeping better (it can be disturbing when you’re on a redeye and your seat mate keeps their reading light on

  • Ear plugs and/or noise cancelling headphones

  • A snack bar

  • A bottle of water (you can lose up to 1.6 liters of water on a ten hour flight)

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Antibacterial wipes (like Wet Ones, available at most airport news stands) to wipe down my seat, tray table, setback entertainment screen, and even window shade to prevent getting sick from all of the germs in-flight

  • My phone

  • Eyeglasses and extra set of contacts

  • Chapstick

  • Travel size hand lotion

There are a few camera bags for women, but this one is the best I have found! Pictured here in Cambodia.

Styling The Claremont Camera Bag For Women

Styling the Claremont Camera Bag is simple because this camera bag will go with just about any outfit or occasion. I have used my camera bag to stash my DSLR during high-end evenings or dinners, and I have also used it with a simple pair of denim shorts and a tank top while trekking for orangutans in the jungles of Borneo, Indonesia.

This bag is high-end enough for an evening on the town, but not out of place when dressed down!

Travel Photo Tips

The Rule of Thirds

Before you can break the rules like an artist, you have to know what they are! The rule of thirds is a really great way to start taking steps for better travel photos (now that you will undoubtably always have your camera with you, in your new Claremont camera bag).

Simply place your subject or break up a landscape in thirds. You almost never want 50% sky and 50% grass, for example. It’d best to focus on the two-thirds of the photo you find most interesting.

Camera bags are nothing without great camera tips! Rule of thirds diagram.

Power Points

The grid used for the rule of thirds also creates several power points (where the grids cross). This is a great place to put your subject in your photos.

Do Your Research

Rather than waiting until you arrive to your destination, do some research in advance on the best places to get photos. The best quality travel photos can require hiking or driving to get a unique perspective. Do your research by googling or using geotags on instagram to find the best photo spots in advance!

Traveling the world (Vietnam) with the best camera bag for women!

Other (Lo & Son’s) Bags I love for Travel

The way Lo & Sons has designed their bags to look stylish and yet still functional continuously amazes me. Some of my other favorites include:

Hanover 2 Backpack - Perfect as a daypack. The brand new and improved design has a separate laptop pocket.

Waverly Crossbody & Belt Bag - This small versatile bag packs a big punch! It was just redesigned to fit a credit card or key-card pocket on the outside for easy-access, which is perfect for hotel keys!

The Pearl - The Pearl is my go-to everyday purse, but it’s still perfect for travel. The Pearl looks small, but somehow is able to fit quite a bit. I love this for travel, because I can fit everything I need in it!

Traveling in Puerto Rico with my Waverly Cross Body Bag by Lo & Sons. They make the best camera bags for women, as well!

This post has been sponsored by Lo & Sons, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I have used their products for many years, and truly believe in the quality and design.