Myrtle Beach Winery & Vineyard: La Belle Amie Vineyards

Myrtle Beach may be known for a lot of things, Spring Breaks, Bike Week and Seafood, just to name a few… but a winery in Myrtle Beach is a surprising and unexpected experience.

I have visited vineyards all over the world, from Tuscany to Myanmar, and make no mistake, this little vineyard in Myrtle Beach is just as special as the vineyards abroad

Myrtle Beach Winery, South Carolina, North Myrtle Beach winery Twisted Sister and La Belle Amie

Why This myrtle beach winery Is Unexpected

Myrtle Beach has a perception issue. Many think of Myrtle Beach as a beach town where southerners go to party. That is not all the Myrtle Beach area has to offer. North Myrtle Beach, Pawley’s Island, and Murrells Inlet are all hidden gems, located just a short distance outside of Ocean Blvd.

Near North Myrtle Beach in Little River, is a special winery called La Belle Amie Vineyards. The Myrtle Beach winery is owned by Vicki, a charming southern woman, with roots planted deeply in the land of this vineyard.

About ThIs Special myrtle beach winery and vineyard

The vineyard is truly a labor of love for Vicki. Her family has owned this land since the 1800’s, and although a winery in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is unique, Vicki isn’t the first person to make wine on this land. Her Uncle Gifford was famous in the area for his wine, after learning the process from his French ancestors. The vines he originally used still exist and are over 130 years old!

Vicki moved back to this property after working in Corporate America in Texas. When she decided to create a vineyard and winery in Myrtle Beach on her old family property, she realized she needed help. Vicki didn’t know the first thing about growing grapes or making wine!

Vicki called Clemson University, the premier agricultural school in the state of South Carolina (and my Alma Mater). Clemson suggested Vicki grow corn, as they didn’t know how to help her with the vines. Vicki was determined to follow her dream and eventually NC State provided guidance for not only growing the grapes, but for turning them into wine.

Winery in Myrtle Beach, Vineyard North Myrtle Beach  La Belle Amie and Twisted Sister Vineyards

Types of Wine

Local Wines from Myrtle Beach Winery

What Vicki learned early on when planting vines, is traditional vines can not be grown in the South Carolina area. Grapes that make Chardonnay and other popular wines are susceptible to a disease carried by the grasshoppers in the area. This is when Vicki decided to grow the same grapes her uncle grew on this very property. The local wines that are grown from the vines at the Vineyard in Myrtle Beach are muscadine grapes. Muscadine grapes create muscadine wine. Muscadine wine is one of the only wines made with true American grapes!


Because of wanting to produce a variety of wines for the winery other than muscadine, Vicki imports juices from grapes in France and produces her own wines from those. This allows La Belle Amie to provide a variety of wines for their customers both for wine tastings and purchase.

There are two labels at this Myrtle Beach winery, La Belle Amie and Twisted Sister. Twisted Sister was designed to create a more approachable wine. Vicki says everyone loves Twisted Sister because the label and name are more fun and approachable.

La Belle Amie Vineyard Wine and Gifts. Myrtle Beach, SC. Myrtle Beach Winery

La Belle Amie Vineyard Wine and Gifts. Myrtle Beach, SC. Myrtle Beach Winery

Myrtle beach winery: Wine Tasting Experience

Visiting this winery and vineyard here in Myrtle Beach is a full sensory experience. Not only are the Vineyards stunning to walk through, and the wine delicious to taste, but the experience is elevated by live music. 

Wine tastings are $6 for six tastings, and on Thursdays tastings are only $3!

muscadine wine vineyard myrtle beach best things to do

The Vineyard also has a few special wine variations (which you can create at home with product from the gift shop). My favorite summer drink is the frozen wine… it tastes like a wine slushy. The other special drink is the mulled wine, which reminded me of the Christmas markets in Europe in the winter.

For updates on events visit the La Belle Amie Vineyard website, or stop by!

La Belle Amie Vineyard, 1120 Saint Joseph Road, Little River, SC 29566, 843-399-9463