NYC Doors-Off Helicopter Tour: The Ultimate New York City Adventure

NYC doors off helicopter ride over New York City Freedom Tower

Doors Off Helicopter Ride Over NYC

There are many adventures to experience in New York, but the best by far is a doors-off helicopter ride over New York City with FlyNYON!

As a travel journalist, I am afforded incredible opportunities all around the world, but my favorite by far is a doors-off helicopter ride with FlyNYON over New York City. Being able to see the city from the sky with the wind tangling my hair, and my feet dangling over Central Park has been one of my major life highlights!

NYC Helicopter Ride Doors Off FlyNYON New York City NY

The NYC View

FlyNYON offers numerous options for helicopter rides, but the doors-off experience is, in my opinion, the only way to see New York. On my most recent ride we got so close to the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty that I was able to appreciate all of the details I had never noticed before, and Lady Liberty looked completely different than she does from a distance. 

Types of Helicopter Rides

FlyNYON offers several types of helicopter rides over NYC. There are both doors-on and doors-off helicopters available, but the best by far is doors-off. The doors-off helicopter ride of New York City gives passengers a completely unobstructed view of the city down below. When the doors are off you can feel the wind whipping in your hair and you can even get the famous "shoe selfie" as you hang your feet over the edge of the chopper!

Central Park Helicopter Ride NYC New York

The trips range from 16-33 minutes depending on which trip you book. FlyNYON also has several special experience packages called "Focus Flights". The Focus Flights include flights such as sunrise, midnight on New Years Eve, and even a special 9/11 tribute lights flight. Focus Flight packages change with the season, so be sure to check the website for updates!

Best Time To Fly 

Some of the best times to fly for photos are golden hour (which is just before sunset) and sunset. Keep this in mind when booking your reservation. 

FLYNYON Helicopter Safety Measures

The FlyNYON team spends a great deal of energy to ensure that each passenger is safe in flight. There are safety harnesses to ensure you aren’t just buckled into the helicopter, but that you are also harnessed in. These harnesses are now made with special quick releases, just in case of emergency. 

FlyNyon Doors Off Helicopter Ride over NYC New York City, safety harness helicopter ride

Prior to suiting up, all passengers are brought into a boardroom for a safety briefing video and a quick chat. This is where you will have the opportunity to go over any questions or concerns. Flying with FlyNYON is extremely safe, and in 2017 they were awarded an award for ground and flight safety from the Eastern Region Helicopter Council. 

After the video, you will be able to discuss where you want to fly or what you really want to see. Highlights are the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, World Trade Center, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park. 

After the safety briefing, you will suit up into the safety harness, and practice releasing the quick release on the harness. 

Helicopter over New York City sunset Empire State Building

What to Bring on Helicopter Ride

Before departing to the helicopter, be sure to wear secure clothing and shoes. Shoes that tie are perfect for the helicopter.

You will definitely want to have a camera with you! If you don’t have one or you want to upgrade your gear for this exciting experience, they have incredible deals on camera rentals.

doors off helicopter NYC

I wanted to have incredible photos, so I looked into renting a second camera body from a shop in NYC prior to my flight. The prices were so much more reasonable with FlyNYON, so I was so glad I didn’t waste my money on a rental from a camera shop in the city. If you plan to rent gear, definitely rent from FlyNYON. Plan to arrive early to decide what you want to use!

FlyNYON Cities

  • New York

  • Miami

  • Los Angeles

  • San Francisco

  • Las Vegas

FlyNYON is the perfect adventure for special occasions, the most incredible vantage point for photographers, and a thrilling experience for adrenaline junkies. If you find yourself in New York City, or one of their other cities, you definitely should give them a call to take flight!

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