Why You Should Never Travel Without A Snack Bar


No one wants to forget anything important when packing for a trip, but there are some things on my packing list I can make do without. A toothbrush– my hotel probably has one waiting for me when I check in, a hairbrush– I can buy one when I land at a drugstore, and SD card– I can buy one just about anywhere. Then, there are the items I cannot travel without. My Bose noise cancelling headphones, my camera, and my favorite protein bars, Wolo WanderBars.

Snack bars are the ultimate travel companion. Quality snack bars can ward off hunger, provide a healthy meal option when you are in a jam, and give you energy when you are running on empty. When packing my bags, I always make sure I have a snack bar for every day I’m gone and one for each travel day.

Why Snack Bars Are Important

Combat Unhealthy Airplane Food

In-flight meals are filled pre-made, and meant to sit on shelves for quite awhile before being pre-heated in a glorified EZ-Bake Oven 40,000 feet in the air. To try to provide some flavor, pre-packaged meals are filled with sodium and sugar.

Instead of eating the in-flight meal, I often will opt for a Wolo bar instead. Wolo bars are gluten free and soy free. They are filled with protein and fiber to keep you full, while providing better quality ingredients than you will find in your in-flight meal.


Travel Makes You Hangry

Traveling can be exhausting. Changing time-zones and long travel days can have an enormous impact on your digestive system. This can not only cause you to be hungry at odd times of the day, but it can make you hangry– at state of irritability caused by hunger. When your body is scrambled and confused your blood-glucose levels can drop, this often can result in making you aggressive and hungry.

As travelers, we don’t want to waste a perfectly good day at a new destination in a grouchy mood due to a little hunger strike. The best way to prevent this is to come prepared. A low sugar, high protein + fiber bar, like Wolo Bars, are a great way to ward off hanger strikes, and keep you going throughout your day. What I love about snack bars, is the ability to have a few bites to sustain energy and then wrap up the rest. When I’m not starving, I save the rest for later on in the day when hunger may strike again.

There Will Be Some Meals You’d Rather Skip

Although I sometimes travel just to eat unique meals I can’t find at home, there are always some meals I would rather skip. For example, Myanmar was one of my favorite destinations, but some of the restaurants were less than desirable. I actually had someone tell me they found worms in their Burmese tea leaf salad in one destination! Considering this place was pretty much the cleanest restaurant in the town, I was a little grossed out and opted to skip some meals and eat snacks I had packed, instead. No matter where you go, there will always be disappointing meals, and its always a good idea to have a snack bar in your backpack or purse just incase!

Travelers Are Busy

On my first trip to the Colosseum in Rome, I was able to unexpectedly snag a super hard-to-get tour last minute. Because the tour visited parts of the Colosseum that were off-limits to other tourists, I didn’t want to miss it. I could feel my energy dropping and my stomach rumbling. Rather than skip the tour, I was able to reach in my bag and grab a snack bar to keep me going for just a few more hours.

As a busy traveler, you won’t always have time to grab a bite to eat when you are hungry. I love having the option to satisfy my hunger and keep going on my day. The last thing you want to do is pass up an exciting travel opportunity because you need to eat!

Why Wolo Bars Are My First Choice

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Boost the Immune System

Wolo was designed specifically with a traveler’s needs in mind. One of the biggest problems for travelers is trying to stay healthy with airplane germs and jet lag both threatening the immune system.

Each Wolo WanderBar is jam packed with ingredients to help support my immune system while on-the-go. Wolo’s bars are filled with vitamin C, zinc and turmeric, all ingredients proven to assist the immune system.

Low Sugar, High in Protein

One of my biggest complaints with other snack bars are the heaps of sugar in each bite. Even if it’s natural sugar, it can still negatively effect your body. Consuming too much sugar can have a negative impact on your weight, mood, energy and even your immune system– which is why I try to steer clear of added sugar when possible. I also just can’t stand the taste of foods that are too sweet.

Wolo Wanderbars contain only 6 grams of sugar, while packing in 15 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber to help you stay fuller longer!

Travel Well

Many bars do not travel well. They melt, they fall apart, and they squish easily. Before I started traveling with Wolo, I often had disastrous attempts to snack. I’ve had bars melt and get on my clothes, I’ve had bars crumble making them too messy to eat on planes or busses.

I love that Wolo has created a bar that stays together, doesn’t melt, and doesn’t crumble when being jammed into my over-stuffed carry-on!

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The Packaging

Although the packaging does not have a direct impact on my travels, I love the beautiful scenes on the packaging of Wolo’s WanderBars. It was one of the first things that drew me to want to give the bar a try, and I’m glad it did!

Next time you are packing your bag, don’t forget to pack your snacks. Give Wolo WanderBars a try— you’ll be glad you did!

This is a sponsored article, written by me on behalf of Wolo Snacks. As always, all text and opinions are my own.