Opting Outside

Now that American Thanksgiving is over and we are suffciently done stuffing our faces and giving thanks, it's time to get serious. Thanksgiving has become a time where we have stopped being grateful for what we have, and we have began to act greedy for more. Not so long ago, Thanksgiving was a time to spend time with loved ones, now most families seem to be conversing around the dinner table about where the best Black Friday sale is. Some even leave Thanksgiving early to get a head start on the crowds. If you follow my posts, you know that I love a great sale (especially on airfare) however, I also love my family, friends, time off from work, exploring, adventuring and experiencing the outdoors.

This is why I am opting out. I am opting out of Black Friday. Actually, it's easy for me, I'm in Canada and there is no Black Friday, but more importantly, I am taking a stand with REI and I am opting outside. 

Over the last several weeks, I have been fortunate to rediscover the outdoors in a whole new way while spending 3 weeks in Portland, Oregon. I hiked, I skied, I climbed... and it did wonders for my soul and made me so happy. You know when I am most unhappy? When I am trying to keep up with the Jones' (or Kardashian's) and thinking about wanting and buying the "latest and greatest" gadgets and clothing. We are made to feel as though we need every product on the market, so much that we choose to stand in long lines with strangers rather than planning fun and healthy activities with our friends and family.

Traveling the world has taught me so much. It has introduced me to new foods, new cultures, new hobbies... however two of the most important things it has taught me is first the importance of time well spent and second, that material items do not matter. So spend your time wisely, go adventure out with loved ones, or go solo and take time to reflect. Either way, lets combat this disgusting habit of ruining our holiday with corporate bullshit and spending money on things that don't matter. If you are going to be spending money tomorrow, spend it on experiences, not material belongings. (Besides, isn't that what Christmas is for?... just kidding!)

How will I be opting outside? I will be snowmobiling with Canadian Wilderness Adventures here in Whistler, British Columbia. 

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And, as always, I would love to hear your feedback. How will you be spending Black Friday? Will you be opting outside? Comment below!