The 5 Best L.A. Brunch & Lunch Spots You Haven't Tried Yet

Although L.A. is known for health & fitness as well as home to the thinnest models and celebrities, Angelenos still love to eat (why do you think we have work out so much?) The Los Angeles food scene has really improved over the last several years and now L.A. boasts some of the best places to lunch and brunch.

1. The Griddle

7916 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046 (mapwebsite(323) 874-0377 

The Griddle is home to the “Secret French Toast,” or as I prefer to call it: Life Changing French Toast. This is the stuff that dreams are made of, or at least the stuff that has all of my out of town friends talking about that time I took them to breakfast in L.A.

Until recently the Secret French Toast was only for those “in the know.” It appeared nowhere on the menu and required a secret password for ordering. Today, it appears on the menu and no longer requires as password so that all may enjoy. For those who are curious, the password was: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

No reservations needed, but it is best to go during the week or you will wait in a long line on the weekends.

2. The Little Fork

1600 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (map, website(323) 465-3675

There is a reason why this Hollywood establishment is home to Beyonce’s favorite place for Bloody Mary’s. They are amazing, the best I’ve had. If you are a tequila drinker like myself – try their Bloody Maria’s instead. The Little Forkalso serves up the Bloody cousin of Maria and Mary: Bloody Larry (made with bourbon instead of tequila or vodka.)

They also have a great deal on Oysters which come from the farmers market next door each morning, so they are guaranteed to be just about as fresh as they come. This is the perfect place to go after a Sunday morning spent at the Hollywood Farmers Market which is just a block away.

3. Zinque

8684 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA (mapwebsite(424) 284-3930

A girlfriend of mine recently introduced me to this spot and I will be forevergrateful.

Within the first two weeks of discovering Zinque, I frequented the place at least ten times. The Tuna Tartar Tartine is my favorite item on the menu. Additionally their breakfast sandwiches and tuna noicoise salads are divine. They have a great little outdoor patio with a lunch or dinnertime ambiance. 

No reservation needed for lunch but it can get a little busy so if you can plan ahead, it wouldn’t hurt.

4. Sycamore Kitchen

143 La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (mapwebsite)

Sycamore Kitchen boasts the most amazing salad selection I have seen in ages. The desserts are on point, with a wide selection including: sticky buns and carrot cake. While it’s on a busy street, this little oasis is nestled in off the road and feels tucked away from the craziness of Hollywood. 

No reservation needed.

5. Fred's at Barneys

9570 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

This is the regular spot that I meet one of my girlfriends when we want a salad and a couple glasses of wine mid-day (don’t judge us.) This mid day snack is usually followed with shopping and coffee.

Every time I dine at Freds, I see familiar faces. Last week I was dining next to Hilary Swank. My favorite item is the chop salad. The chopped bits of extremely thick cut bacon really put this salad on the map as an all-time favorite. Fred’s also encompass excellent views of the city, so be sure to request a table outside.

Reservations are almost always necessary unless you want to sit at the bar inside, so be sure to plan ahead.

Do you have a favorite place to brunch & lunch in L.A.? Let us know in the comments

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