Helicopter Adventure to Catalina

Although I love to always be on the move, sometimes I need to stay home, get some work done and recuperate from my travels. That time spent home can often having me itching for an adventure pretty quickly however, which is why having the ability to find ways to explore your own city can be crucial. I can't stress enough the importance of exploring the environment you live in the same way you would approach any other new city or country. It can really give you a refreshing prospective on the corner of the map that you call home.


Speaking of prospective, I needed a new one on Los Angeles, of the aerial sorts. I enlisted my friend Pilot Rick to take my friend Ciara and me on a mini-adventure. Rick took us over to Catalina Island for lunch and a little exploring. Catalina is fairly remote, and it feels like it is a world away from all of the craziness that Los Angeles provides on a daily basis. Catalina can be best described as Southern California's version of Capri, Italy. 

Watch my Catalina adventure in the video below:

The weather was HOT (fry an egg on the hood of your car kind of hot) so we flew with one door completely off and as soon as we took to the air we had a beautiful breeze. We flew at an altitude of 1,000 ft at 125mph, so it only took about 25 minutes to get to Catalina. On the way back we spotted a whale, so we took a little longer and circled a few times to watch him for a few minutes. 

Once in Catalina, there are lot of activities to partake in. You can swim, scuba dive, fish, parasail... the options are endless. There are plenty of places to stay for the weekend, or you can do it our way and just go for the day. Either way, I'd say taking a helicopter to get there beats the ferry every time.

The company we flew with (JJ's Helicopters in Torrence) offers up all types of tours including, the Santa Monica Pier, Downtown LA, Redondo Beach, and the Hollywood Sign (the Catalina trip isn't on their website but is available upon special request). 

Pilot Rick Rackauskas

 JJ's Helicopters

3405 Airport Drive, Torrence CA 90505