This Elite Card will help you Travel like a Boss


I finally did it, I caved in, applied and purchased a membership to FoundersCard, and I couldn't be happier about my decision!  FoundersCard is my new favorite travel necessity. I've loved my membership so much in the past month, that I've teamed up with FoundersCard to bring a great discount to all of my readers!

Even your membership card arrives in style!

Even your membership card arrives in style!

What is FoundersCard?

If you haven't heard of FoundersCard, it is essentially the "black card" for entrepreneurs. FoundersCard is perfect for business owners and executives, as well as anyone who travels often or has high end lifestyle.

FoundersCard provides its members with exclusive discounts from over 250 merchants. The card offers discounts and preferred pricing with many high end hotels, car rentals, airlines, fashion brands (like rag + bone) and more. Originally invented for entrepreneurs, it can save you big time on AT&T phone bills, UPS shipping, LegalZoom, Apple & Dell products, co-working spaces, gym memberships (Equinox), and so much more. Most importantly, it can save you a fortune on travel and help you score amazing upgrades at swanky hotels.

There is one caveat, the FoundersCard community is a private one. It requires a quick and easy application process that will ask for details on your professional qualifications including your job title and company's gross annual revenue. Not everyone is approved.

Example of Savings

Recently, I needed to spend two nights in Atlanta at the end of September. The five star hotel that I booked with my FoundersCard discount code only cost me $237/night. The lowest price that I could find for that same five star hotel was $459/night. Thats a savings of $222/night, or $444 for my entire stay. With that one stay (of only two nights) my membership to FoundersCard has already paid for itself.

However, this is just added savings, because my card actually paid for itself within the first 3 days that I was a member because I was able to utilize so many benefits off the bat. For some members the discount off of phone bills alone save enough to pay for the annual membership fees.  

My Favorite Benefits:

The FoundersCard offers a short cut to elite status on American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and both Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic. It also offers automatic complimentary Gold Hilton HHonors status with Hilton and complimentary Diamond status to Caesars Entertainment (often a main selling point for many members).

My favorite benefit, (because I fly so much) is the American Airlines offers that change quarterly. Currently, the offer is 10% off all transatlantic airfares and 5% off all domestic fares on American Airlines. This can add up to be quite the savings.

The American Airlines deals change quarterly, and the one that sealed the deal for my membership is last quarter's American Airlines Platinum Challenge. American Airlines offers up a new benefit every quarter throughout the year. By looking at the past trend, it seems they run this deal 2x a year. With the challenge, American Airlines gives you Platinum status for 3 months, and during that time you only need to earn 10,000 elite qualifying points to keep status for over the next year (in my case until February 28, 2017). Thats a year and a half of Platinum status just for flying miles I was going to fly anyway!

Even More Savings with Elite Status

Elite Membership: This is a sweet deal. Once you hit elite status, you are set up to have a pretty great year. Elite benefits include:

  • Unlimited FoundersCard concierge services
  • Unlimited airport lounge access
  • Complimentary signature event tickets
  • Access to VIP and FoundersCard events
  • Double FoundersCard Points when you refer others

Exclusive For Trusted Travel Girl Readers

$400 Off Membership!

I have found the benefits of FoundersCard to exceed my expectations, and found the savings to be limitless. FoundersCard and I have teamed up to bring you a huge savings on this incredible membership. All of my readers will receive their annual membership (after being approved) for only $395, instead of $795.

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Other Premier FoundersCard Partners include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:                       

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*** Disclaimer: The above benefits are my past experiences. I cannot guarantee these same benefits will be available during your membership period, as I have no control what the future benefits are going to be. All I know is, the benefits of FoundersCard seem to get better and better!