3 Travel-Inspired Meals Easy Enough to Make in Your Airbnb 

Staying in an Airbnb can often be a better alternative to a hotel when traveling. One of the benefits is that an Airbnb will often have a kitchen. The problem is, unless your Airbnb host is extremely generous, you will most likely have no spices or ingredients to work with. This means you will need a few simple recipes up your sleeve to make a delicious dinner with little ingredients or fuss.

I reached out to Chef Bo and Chef Dylan of Bo.Lan Restaurant in Bangkok to get some easy and delicious recipes inspired by one of my favorite foodie destinations, Thailand! These recipes are easy enough to be made in your Airbnb, and delicious enough to give you a little wanderlust for a trip to Thailand. 

Tuk-Tuk in Bangkok

Tuk-Tuk in Bangkok

Summer Salad:

Ingredients: Cucumber, jicama, mint, coriander, shallot, cooked prawn, chili, fish sauce, lime juice, unpolished sugar. 

Step 1: Slice chili and place in the bowl, add sugar, lime juice and fish sauce. Taste.  

Step 2: Slice cucumber, baton jicama, pick mint and coriander. Blanched or grill prawn.   

Step 3: Toss everything together. 

Herbal Mussels:

Ingredients: Fresh Mussel, lemongrass, galangal, shallot, kefir lime leave and Thai basil; Beer or white wine 

Step 1: Make a seafood dressing by blending to taste the following; garlic, chili, lime, fish sauce, sugar

Step 2: Braise mussels. Turn on high heat and place mussels in the pot. Cover the pot Pour in small amount of wine of beer to prevent it from burning. Finish with Thai basil. Steam until open and cooked.  

Step 3: Blend all ingredients together. Make it spicy and sour!

Stir-Fried Young Pumpkin with Prawn:  

Ingredients: Fresh coriander, garlic, prawns, fresh pumpkin, fish sauce, and cooking oil

Step 1: Pound coriander roots, garlic & white pepper, add fish sauce to make a paste.

Step 2: Peel pumpkin and prawn.

Step 3: In the pan, add a bit of oil.  Fry the paste with pumpkin. Cook till the pumpkin slightly cook add peeled prawn and seasoned with fish sauce to taste. 

Chinatown, Bangkok

Chinatown, Bangkok

If you want to try some of Chef Bo and Chef Dylan’s cooking, they are going to be in San Francisco May 27 at the Chang Sensory Trails, offering tasty bites from their own memories of cooking. 

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