Skyroam: Everything You Need to Know About The Global Hotspot


As a travel writer, it is crucial for me to stay connected to my audience on social media while traveling. Skyroam has been a life-changing device for me when I am traveling the world. 

What Is Skyroam?

Skyroam is a global hotspot that allows you to access the internet from your phone and computer from nearly anywhere on the planet with a phone signal. It uses 4G & 3G to provide "unlimited" data. It's a great way to avoid unwanted roaming and data charges from your wireless provider.

Skyroam has the ability to connect up to 5 devices. Although, I don’t suggest giving your password to friends because you won’t be able to get them to log off your device and it will bog down your connection speed. This little device is only about the size of one of the original iPods (remember those?), but it packs powerful punch!

What Does It Cost?

There are two ways to use Skyroam. You can rent the device free of charge or buy the device for $99. The service works in 24 hour periods.

Cost of Service:

  • Rent- 9.95/day
  • Own - $99 +$8/day

Buying the Skyroam device is the best option for frequent travelers. If you don’t travel often, then renting may be the best option. The break-even point for renting vs. owning is aproxamately 51 days of use. So, if you plan to travel more than 51 days while using Skyroam, it would be best to purchase the device.

Does it Work?

I have had excellent luck with Skyroam. It has worked in almost every country I have traveled to, (with the exceptions being Myanmar and Cuba). The battery has been great, as one charge lasts an entire day of using social media, uploading photos and checking emails!  

Where Does It Work?

Skyroam currently works in over 100 countries world wide. To see a list of covered countries, click here.

Why You Need Skyroam

  • With Skyroam you won't have to deal with overage fees from sneaky wireless providers, where oftentimes it's unclear how much data you are using and what your bill will be.
  • Skyroam allows users to access the wifi as needed. Only use it when you need it (in 24 hour increments) and then you only pay for what you use!
  • Now there is no need to hassle with your wireless provider before a trip. No need to tell Skyroam when you are leaving the country and where you are going. Simply turn it on when you get to your destination, and hit start! 
  • Skyroam will give you unlimited data. It will only slow the speed down slightly when you use a lot of data.
  • No need to change to a local SIM card ever again, which is great because half the time they never work for me, even though I have a globally unlocked iPhone.
  • Skyroam is secure and your hotspot is password protected. This is a much more secure option than using public wifi where you are subject to vulnerabilities! 

I use Skyroam on my travels all over the world. It has made staying connected easier, more affordable, and more reliable! It has been a game-changer for me, and they have certainly earned my stamp of approval!

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