Breckenridge: The Grand Lodge on Peak 7 Review

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The Grand Lodge on Peak 7 Feels Like a Better Version of Home

Home isn’t generally something I want my vacation getaway to feel like, but The Grand Lodge on Peak 7 made me reconsider this attitude. Upon walking into my one bedroom condo, I was immediately greeted by an inviting, warm, and cozy atmosphere that felt just like home, but so much better. 

Grand Lodge Peak 7

I had first heard of The Grand Lodge on Peak 7 from one of my friend’s parents when they bought a timeshare unit pre-construction. They made it sound so incredible that I had to check it out for myself. Considering that Breckenridge is my favorite mountain town and ski resort, it wasn’t long before I booked my trip. I don’t spend a lot of time in timeshares, but the Grand Lodge may have just changed my mindset on them for good. On my recent visit, I was fortunate enough to spend 5 days at this incredible property, and I left longing to become an owner myself.

Slope Side

Ski Breckenridge

The most important thing for me when deciding where to stay on a ski trip is how quickly I can get from my room to the chair lift in the mornings. If it’s dumping, I want to be sure it won’t be difficult for me to get the first chair. Well, you cannot get any closer to the chairlift than The Grand Lodge on Peak 7. The property is positioned quite perfectly at the base of the peak, just steps away from one of the lifts. This is also convenient when heading back for lunch, as you can reach the condo nearly as quickly as grabbing lunch at the lodge.


The Views

Grand Lodge Peak 7

The views are stunning and speak for themselves. No matter which way you face, you are sure to have fantastic views of the surrounding mountains.

Transportation to town

The condo runs a complementary shuttle to and from town from 7am to 10:45 pm daily (7am-11:45pm during ski season). You simply call down from your room and a shuttle will be at the front entrance to pick you up in a matter of minutes. The best part is they will drop you off and pick you up exactly where you want to go because there are many designated shuttle stops. Though the town is already very walkable, this door-to-door service is perfect for freezing cold nights when even short walks are less than desirable.

The Hot Tubs & Spa

The only match in this world better than peanut butter & jelly is skiing & hot tubs. Any skier will tell you after a long day of skiing, especially on a blistery-cold day, that a trip to the hot tub is a must. The Grand Lodge on Peak 7 has some pretty fantastic choices when it comes to hot tubs, such as outdoor hot tubs that overlook the mountain. I find these perfect for spring skiing when the temperatures are a little more friendly than in the middle of winter. My favorite, however is located in the spa area. This is ‘The Grotto’ and it is a giant hot tub complete with rocks and waterfalls. In addition, there is a steam room and a sauna that are both extremely relaxing and perfect places to warm muscles before a massage or a good stretch.  

The Value as an Owner

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The Grand Lodge on Peak 7 feels like a 5 star resort without the price tag (if you factor in the longevity of this investment). With timeshare ownership starting at just $15,000 to spend a week each year for life, it’s a pretty great deal if you count on getting in some skiing every year.

The maintenance fee’s run from $700 to $1000 yearly depending on the unit. These units are also not only for the life of the owner, but can be passed down, and therefore, a value for a lifetime. 

If owning a timeshare is not something you care for, you are still able to book travel to The Grand Lodge on Peak 7 just as you would for a hotel.

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