The Travel Pants That are Saving Elephants' Lives

One of my favorite experiences in all of my years of travel, was the day I spent visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Many of the elephants at this sanctuary were rescued from the local circuses and other places where the elephants were mistreated. The elephants at this sanctuary were happy, playful, and most importantly, well cared for.

The Elephant Pants

After this trip to Chiang Mai, elephants have become especially close to my heart. Recently I found a company, The Elephant Pants, which makes amazing products that promote the care of elephants in the Chiang Mai region of Thailand. The Elephant Pants makes pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses, most of which feature beautiful representations of elephants on the fabric. They are both comfy and stylish and are sourced locally in Chiang Mai. 10% of all proceeds are donated to the African Wildlife Foundation.

Chiang Mai Elephant

In addition, not only are these unique pieces great attire for home, but the soft, lightweight fabrics make these pants the perfect travel companions. They roll up to become extremely compact, which makes for easy packing. Moreover, the material unwrinkles easily, which is great for backpackers who don’t have irons on hand! What I especially love about the lightweight fabric is how perfect it is for hot climates. There are so many times I am in countries and religious places where it is disrespectful to show legs, even in shorts. As a sign of respect, you must cover up. This can be tough in hot climates, because you don’t want to sweat to death in a pair of jeans. However, these pants will help keep you cool. 

Lastly, more important than the fact that they look good is that they are doing good. Each purchase is helping to save an elephant’s life, and if you are not aware, Asian Elephants are seriously endangered. If you haven’t had the opportunity to get up-close and personal with an elephant, I can tell you they are the most gentle giants, and definitely a species worth looking after. If you can save an elephant and look good while doing it, why not?


Disclaimer: I worked with The Elephant Pants to create this article. As always, opinions are my own.