Best Solo Female Travel Destinations

best solo female travel destinations

Best Solo Female Travel Destinations

Now that you have my best tips for traveling solo, and staying safe while traveling, where should you go as a woman traveling solo? While I firmly believe that women can and should travel nearly anywhere solo, with the right precautions, there are some destinations that are ideal for women traveling solo, especially for the first time on your own, or your first time out of the country.

Whether it’s a well-established tourist infrastructure, exceptionally high safety standards, or popularity with other solo travelers, these are my suggestions for your first, or fourteenth, solo trip.


Thailand is an incredibly popular solo travel destination, for many reasons. It’s very exotic for Westerners who haven’t traveled to Asia, so you really feel like you are out there experiencing the world.

The prices are incredible, meaning you won’t feel the sting of paying for the entire hotel room on your own, something that make solo travel often very expensive. It’s easy to reach Bangkok from anywhere in the world, and once you arrive, it’s easy to travel around the country, either by plane, bus or train.

The people of Thailand are very respectful and for the most part, law abiding. You won’t see as much petty crime like the pickpockets that are infamous in some of the more popular European cities.



Very similar to Thailand, the tourist infrastructure of Cambodia, and Siem Reap in particular, makes it an excellent destination for women traveling solo. Cambodia is very popular on the Southeast Asia backpackers route, so you’ll have no issue meeting other travelers if that is your goal when traveling.

There are five-star hotels (for much less than you’d pay elsewhere) and hostels and everything in between, so no matter your budget, you will find great places to stay in Cambodia. Travel in and around Cambodia is affordable, and the people of Cambodia could not be more welcoming. 


Thanks in part to the growing popularity of Baltic Sea cruises, Estonia is a wonderful destination for solo females wanting to get off the beaten path in Europe. It’s becoming more popular every year, so don’t wait too long to plan your trip as Estonia could be the next Croatia!  Along with Latvia and Lithuania, these three countries make up the Baltic states.

the best solo female travel destinations estonia

The capital of Tallinn is easily reached via ferry from Finland, as well, so you can visit Estonia as part of a Scandinavian trip, too. (Scandinavian countries have some of the lowest crime rates in the world, so they are also great for solo travel!) While you may find it a bit more expensive than Southeast Asia, prices in Estonia are a considerably less than in Scandinavia and on par with some of the cheaper European cities.


Whether you prefer a cosmopolitan international city like Vancouver, the Old-World Europe feel of Montreal and Quebec, or outdoor adventure in the Canadian Rockies, Canada has something for everyone. Canadians are known for their politeness, and it’s a broad stereotype that usually rings true. The whole country has a relatively low crime rate, and the culture is not too different from that of the United States, so it’s also a great choice for your first international trip. Depending on the exchange rate, prices in Canada can be a bit high, but there are almost always a wide range of accommodation options to choose from. 


aruba best solo female travel destination travel alone

For a Caribbean vacation, Aruba is the perfect destination for solo female travelers. For a small island, Aruba has excellent infrastructure to support tourism, including easy access from the continental U.S. and dozens of accommodation options.

When you aren’t relaxing on the beach, you’ll have no trouble finding tours to join, where you can explore the island while meeting other travelers. As their economy relies heavily on tourism, locals are very friendly. There are just enough things to do in Aruba that you can have a well-balance vacation that includes relaxation on the beach with outdoor adventure. You won’t have FOMO if you take a few days to read a book, unlike some other vacation destinations where you are constantly on the go. 

New York

best female solo travel destinations for women new york nyc

This may seem counterintuitive, but New York is an excellent destination for women traveling solo. The thing with big cities is, you can blend in with the locals very easily. Unlike more rural destinations, you won’t stick out as “that lady staying alone” like you might in a small village somewhere. Everyone in New York is too busy going about their own business to notice what you’re up to!

nyc best solo travel female destinations

There are so many things to do in New York, that it’s great to be able to plan your own trip, without compromising with a travel partner. If you want to spend an entire week tracking down Sex in the City or Gossip Girl film locations, go for it! Want to eat nothing but bagels and pizza for five days straight? Who’s going to stop you?

New York is obviously easy to reach from any city in the world, and once you are there, getting around is a breeze. Sure, it’s not the best budget destination, but it’s totally worth the splurge of a solo trip!

The Philippines

I recommend the Philippines as a great destination for first-time travelers to Asia. Unlike other popular destinations in Southeast Asia, English is widely spoken in the Philippines, so you won’t have the language barrier you’d expect when traveling to an Asian country. It’s easily accessible, with direct flights available from Los Angeles to Cebu.

scuba diving in the philippines one of the best solo female travel destinations

Once you arrive in the Philippines, there are over 7,000 islands to choose from. Whether you want to relax on the beach for your trip, sample amazing Filipino cuisine, or find adventure underwater, there’s a Philippine Island just right for you.

While it’s not as popular as some other Asian destinations like Phuket, there is a well-established tourism infrastructure here, meaning you will be very comfortable. The Filipino people are extremely kind and welcoming, making this a great choice for women traveling alone.